Why You Shouldn’t Speak Your Truth

Why You shouldn’t speak your truth


We all have that friend who puts their hands on their hips and says ‘I have to speak my truth’ – and you find your stomach dropping.

I’m all for living your truth – but you don’t have to be blunt and rude to do this!

How often do you end up getting frustrated about the same issue with the same person again and again – and don’t really understand why, so you end up ‘telling it like it is’ as a way to let off steam.

We’ve all been there! Basically, we can just stew until we blow up.

That’s not ‘speaking your truth’.

I know I did this. When I wanted to ‘speak my truth’ I felt generally put upon and didn’t really know why – until I found yoga.

Yoga made me realize that when I was feeling put upon it meant I was not living for my priorities. I didn’t know what they were. I was letting others dictate what I did.

You need to get clear on your priorities and then you’ll be able to be firm but skillful as you navigate your life.

Yoga is made to do this! It helps you dissipate the noise of the ‘shoulds’ and the pressures that come at you so that you can hear yourself. It gives you the clarity and self-trust to know how you want to live your life.

Start Living Your Priorites

When you know who you are and what’s important to you, then you can navigate your life in such a way that it follows your priorities and you no longer feel resentful and put upon. This means you can sail along in a way that is kind and graceful so it strengthens your relationships.

You don’t feel resentful, you don’t feel like your head will blow off!

Yoga does this.

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