Yoga Gives Us Clarity Over Who We Are in Our Midlife Chapter

Yoga Gives Us Clarity
Over Who We Are


As we enter midlife, it often feels like there’s endings without beginnings. It’s a time where there is so much change – change for the bad. Yet why are we buying into that! Midlife can and should be a wonderful time. Time to dig into this assumption.

Yoga helped me make this journey – it led me to see midlife as an exciting new chapter.  Yoga can help you too through giving you clarity over who you are.

Yoga Gets You Strutting

It’s time to make friends with your changing body – no good will come of being at odds with it.  Being negative about our body is ingrained in us from an early ago – it’s time to break that habit.

The beauty of yoga is that it it not only gets your body humming, it creates that mind body connection so you begin to hear your body an understand it more. Maybe it’s the poses themselves, maybe it’s the linking of breath and movement, maybe it’s because yoga reduces stress and grounds you – whatever the reason, the magic of yoga is that it gets you and your body having a conversation.

You’ll start to feel more connected to your body and more confident in your own body. In fact, you might start strutting like I did – I got a full on Saturday Night Fever thing going!

Then Yoga Gives Us Clarity Over Who We Are

You’ll start to notice that the chatter you hear is relentless and not even your own voice, in fact – it’s drowning you out. Who are these voices so full of these rules and shoulds that you follow and do they have your best interests at heart.

As women, we tend to put ourselves last don’t we?

As we enter midlife, our youth orientated society tells us what we can and can’t wear, tells us we are invisible, past our prime!

What’s up with that?

(Check out my blog on style Dress Your Identity and why it’s even more important in midlife)

Yoga – on and off the mat – cuts through this noise so you are able to tune back into your own beat, your own rhythm – and see if it matches the drum you’ve been marching to. You’ll start to know know what you want to keep and what you want to jettison.

You’ll find yourself gaining clarity and confidence in who you want to be in midlife. You’ll begin to feel it’s an exciting new chapter, and yoga helps you get there.

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