Why Yoga

Yoga is for everyone who wants to practice

Yoga is about enjoying your body and honoring it so that you understand each other and become friends – as well as fine tuning your body.

Often we are put off by images of lithe people tying themselves in knots – but this is not yoga to me.

What Makes Yoga Different?

A yoga practice is different every time. We learn to tune into our body, take care of our body and connect it to our mind.

When this happens the most amazing thing occurs –
yoga gives us tools to find our way through life’s changes.

When you get on the mat, you never know what you’ll find. That’s the beauty of yoga – it’s ever changing, because we’re ever changing – and we bring different things to the mat. At the same time, yoga helps us be open and connect to what is revealed to us during our practice. In this way it helps us in our daily life.

Yoga gives us strength and flexibility
on the mat and in everyday life:
tools to step through life with confidence.

Find a place of individual identity so that you can
move forward as you best self.