Walking Meditation Benefits for Spring

Walking Meditation Benefits
for Spring

Are you Ready for Spring’s Walking Meditation

Recently we had a day with tantalizing and heady weather – spring will be here soon! Now that it’s a bit gray and raw again – with some snow in the forecast – I feel ready for my favorite DC season! Are you longing to get out into spring too?

Spring in DC is glorious. There are blossoms lining the streets and peeking out of gardens – as well as the famous cherry trees surrounding the Tidal Basin. I also love the fleshy magnolia blooms that seems to beckon in spring.

Most of all I’ve missed good walks – it’s been a really windy winter, making it unpleasant to be outside.  I remember going for walks all my life – Brits are huge on walks. In the winters of my childhood, it was wonderful to be out in the cold fresh air – and to come back inside to tea and crumpets!

Do remember a childhood full of walks? And where do you walk now? I like city walking as well as enjoying country rambles. I generally don’t go for anything to steep or difficult as it can give me a touch vertigo.

Walking is yoga

Walks are like yoga – in fact, a walk can definitely be yoga. You get moving and connected to your body. It’s also an opportunity to unplug and slip into being in the moment. There’s nothing like taking in the scent of earth and feeling the leaves underfoot in autumn. Spring’s riot of color lifts our sprits from winter’s gray and if we close our eyes we can tune into spring’s specific scent – the wonderful, sharp aroma of new grass with sweeter flowers adding a top note. Doesn’t that just fill you with possibilities for renewal! It’s a walking mediation – with benefits!

Outside my comfort zone

Should you step out of your comfort zone?

When we go for a walk, just like on the yoga mat, we should tune into what our mind and our body need that day. It will vary.  Generally I don’t like to get ‘too close to the edge’ with my walks. But sometimes it’s good to get out of your comfort zone. On a walk a while back, I took the strenuous trail. I could feel the pull of Rock Creek in the background with a little tickle of vertigo. It was a challenge but not enough to make me freeze. I’m glad l did it.  Other days a gentle stroll, taking in what nature has to offer is what I crave – and before long I’m enjoying a walking meditation and all its benefits.

How do you know when and how to push yourself? How do you enjoy your walks?

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