The Importance of Support in Getting Out of Your Comfort Zone

The Importance of Support in Getting Out of Comfort Zone


Do you hesitate to take on new challenges because you’re absolutely convinced you’ll flat on your face? It’s always difficult to step out of your comfort zone and because of that you need support. Did you get that support when you were a child?

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Were You Thrown in at the Deep End – without being taught to swim?

Perhaps you were thrown in at the deep end without being taught to swim. Talk about setting someone up for failure. This happened to someone I’ve coached. She was just expected to ‘get things’ when she was a child. Somehow it was considered normal by the adults in her life that she could just step up and do something new and scary with absolutely no guidance.

As a result, she felt like all she ever did was fail. It’s still really hard for her to put herself out there because in the back of her mind she still thinks there’s no way that she can actually succeed when stepping out of her comfort zone. She’s had to do a lot of work to realize that she’s not destined to fail and I’m very proud of the progress she’s made – and her success.

The Importance of Support – It Can Make All The Difference

I understand the importance of support, the feeling that someone has your back and to know that even if it doesn’t work out it’s not the end of the world. You can you make it work next time. This is because that’s exactly how my parents acted.

One time when my mother literally role played with me sticks out in my memory. I was about six years old and we were staying with my grandparents in London. Mum wanted me to call Paddington Station to ask about train times. This seemed far too scary for me and I baulked. Mum would never have made me call, but she suggested that we role play the call. Doing that made all the difference.

I realized it was not a difficult thing to do after all and I felt like I’d worked out the kinks during the rehearsal. The role playing gave me the confidence to go ahead and call Paddington. I got the information we needed!

If mom had said ‘just do it’ in an annoyed voice, I would bottled and felt small. As it was, that bit of support was all I needed – and I remember how it gave me such a boost to be able to step out of my comfort zone that way.

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The Importance of Support – It’s Never Too Late

You can still get guidance and support, I can help and yoga can help. 

When you do a yoga practice, it’s the support you give your body and the support your body gives you that helps you out of your comfort zone.

Try this: getting out of your comfort zone is stepping back pushing and thrusting to get to a more difficult variation. Getting out of your comfort zone is going deeper into the pose and seeing what that tells you.

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