Kind Words

Antonia Taught Me To Breathe

Antonia came out of nowhere but in perfect timing because I needed a place where I could find myself …. and learn how to breath actually. Anytime you can teach someone to breath spiritually, emotionally, mentally – that’s bigger than just yoga. ~ Chivonne Battle

Masterclasses and Workshops

I attended Antonia’s Uncover Your Voice Masterclass. Wow. Antonia is a powerhouse of compassionate energy that is infectious. There is something truly grounding to having women of all backgrounds get together to share the power of wanting to speak our truth. We realized how much we have to share with each other and came together with a beautiful practice from Antonia. Her wisdom and engaging voice guide you through breathing, mantras and movement to show you how much your body is there to show up for you and that you are a badass. Antonia encourages us to claim our uniqueness. It was so much fun. ~ Kate

It’s amazing how the way we feel can affect our bodies, and how tuning into our bodies more can affect the way we feel! Antonia’s meditations and breathwork are a great starting point for exploring this.  ~ Kirsty

Private Yoga

Antonia’s private lesson was the ideal way for us to enjoy a yoga class.  Large classes often create crowd stress, and we are not motivated to go it alone regularly.

Antonia tailored the session to our specific needs, in our case flexibility and posture.  As relatively inexperienced practitioners, we appreciated Antonia’s clear explanations of the asanas. To further assist us, she demonstrated the poses and provided gentle touch as needed to adjust our alignment and posture.

We look forward to our next session!

– Aidan and Marsay

Chair Yoga

I always find that after finishing a Chair Yoga class with Antonia my muscles have been stretched, my mind has been quieted and I feel energized. I have participated in more “advanced” yoga classes and was surprised that a class which didn’t involve getting down on to a mat or putting on special yoga clothes would have such an effect. You sit on a folding chair or stand beside it in your street clothes. The class routine varies each week but follows a classic yoga routine beginning with centering and ending with a seated savasana.

I have attended class with Antonia through East Creek Rock Village, a program to help seniors age in place in their homes, for almost a year now (April 2018). I am the class coordinator. The class has varied in attendance each week, with some regulars. Attendees have ranged in age from their 60s into their 90s Some use canes, have hip or back problems or difficulties with balance or hearing. Antonia has adapted the poses for the participants and often suggests alternatives. All those who have attended were positive about the class — saying “I should do this regularly.” ~ Susan