Support Isn’t Weak – it helps you have confidence in yourself

Support Isn’t Weak – it helps you have confidence in yourself

Reconnecting to your Community

How have you been poking your head out into the world? I’ve been a bit wary, stepping out a toe here and there before taking the plunge. Apparently I’ve always been this way, My father told me of a chat he had with my kindergarten teacher, who told him I would stand back, eying up the different apparatus in the playground to appraise it, and in good time – when I felt ready – I’d try out. Then in no time I’d be swinging from the monkey bars!

Over the weekend I saw my dear friend for the first time since December 2019. Isn’t it fabulous to slip back into your longstanding friendships without missing a beat! Back to our old tricks, we had a cracking lunch with excellent cocktails.

Today I’m heading to  a dear family friend on Long Island – who was like a second mother to me – and her two daughters, with whom I grew up. Lots of love and shared history and laughter there. We’ll be taking a road trip along the north fork with its rural feel and rhythm. They’ll be just a hint of nostalgia.

The importance of your Supportive Community

My sangha, my community, has always been important to me. I nurture mine and their care and support – and gentle calling out – is an important part of what gives me the strength to step up and come out of my comfort zone. There’s something about being accepted for who you are while at the same time encouraged to become an even better version of yourself that we all need to cultivate. So often we feel we have to be productive – and don’t take the time to nurture our connections.

Why I Consider Support one of the Most Important Things I Offer

One of the most important things I offer in my mentorship is my support. I was supported as a child and giving and receiving support is vital to the way I operate. Far from showing weakness,  I know how the right support can help you dare to take the difficult steps.

Growing up, I did gymnastics and having the coach’s hand gently touching and guiding my body as I tried something new made all the difference in giving me the confidence  to step forward and give it a go. Support comes in so many ways – and it makes all the difference. Without that supporting hand, it can seem a bridge too far to dare to do the difficult things – you’ll find you can stand up for your time or ask for a promotion – or even move with steadiness and and ease on your yoga mat.

When you’re supported, it uplifts you and gives you courage so you find you can do the difficult – the impossible – things as you work through being stuck and unmoored in midlife. This is deep work that can be exhilieratig and intimiidating at the same time. I will the be there, every step of the way giving you  a safe place to do this internal and external work. 

Support can make all the difference as you look at you’re midlife and really delve into the physical and mental shifts you need to thrive in this new landscape.

That’s why I offer this mentorship. Yoga inside and out is a fantastic way to break through the barriers and find your clarity and confidence find your midlife stride. It’s even better when you’ve someone you can rely on by your side, guiding you and cheering you on.

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