Rediscover Your Saturday Night Fever Strut

Get back confidence in your body and clarity in your midlife

Midlife can feel like walking into the wrong dance class -
being faced with staid ballroom when you expected to enjoy some jive.
You're unsure and even adrift, it's all downhill now -
apparently you've nothing to contribute and are 'surplus to requirements'.
Yet that's not how you actually feel.

Your reality of what midlife looks like and the expectations of who you should be don't match - it's time to regain clarity and confidence to stride forth into your fulfilling midlife.

I'll gather yoga techniques that meet you where you are and best serve you to go where you should be - rather than where others want to take you.
I'm there to guide and support you while providing a safe place
for you to do this deep work
to regain clarity and confidence inside and out so you find your purposeful, fulfilling midlife.

Use My Spin on Yoga To Regain Strength And Harmony In Mind And Body
To Claim Your Midlife Path

There are some rumors you might have heard about midlife:

you become invisible
you've nothing to contribute
it's time to fade away

You feel a spark of spirit ignite - there is more life for me live, I am not over the hill.
That's the kind of aha moment we'll uncover together.

  • I do this by using yoga's different type of movement that connects your mind and your body to get you feeling strong and confident.
  • I'll interweave other off the mat from yoga's full lifestyle techniques so you shape your midlife chapter with intention and purpose.

This works because yoga is literally made to cut through this noise of who you 'should' be in midlife and come home to yourself. You don’t need to be anyone else. With yoga, you'll reclaim your true self and find your clear, confident midlife.

I put together these yoga practices and techniques specifically for you. You don't have to wade through the thousands of videos out there on youtube, I use my skills as a historian to pick out the best, curated, techniques from yoga's vast knowledge for you personally so you can cut through the noise of what your role should be and get reacquainted with who you are inside and out.

You'll get in touch with where you want to go and follow your true midlife calling.

Why Yoga's Mind-Body Connection Gives You Your Saturday Night Fever Strut

Changes in your midlife body can throw you for a loop - leaving you uncomfortable in your own skin. I vowed to do something about this myself, but end up pounding my body with gritted teeth and little results - feeling defeated, until I found yoga.

When you step into yoga's different type of movement, you'll find its slow, intentional holds give you a type of strength that connects you to your body. Discover how yoga embraces the space and quiet so you start chatting with your body and hear what it has to say. Rather than pounding your body into submission, you and your body connect and become a team, pulling together in harmony.

The yoga practices we do, specifically curated for your unique situation, will change your body so you feel more comfortable in your own skin. You'll catch sight of yourself in the mirror and see notice you're standing straighter and exuding more confidence. This is how you step physically into your Saturday Night Fever strut.

Getting into Your Saturday Night Fever Internal Strut.

This new midlife phase should be a time to take stock so you can feel confident about who you want to be in midlife. Yet how can you do this when you're stuck in a rut meeting all your commitments, never having time for yourself. This is not how life should be. It's not selfish to fulfill some of your own desires and be in charge of your life.

  • It's time to delve into your own priorities, decide how you want to use your time and show up in your life.
  • It's time to stop reacting in the moment and let other people run the show.
  • It's time to stop feeling resentful.

We'll use the more philosophical aspects of yoga, specifically curated the help you step off the treadmill and get internal clarity on who you are in midlife and where you want to go. One example of this how I interweave movement with journaling prompts. The movement, themed to address your challenges, will keep your body ticking over and free up your subconscious. Then the targeted journaling prompts help guide you to the big internal breakthroughs.

You'll find you're less resentful and your relationships improve - because you are showing up in your life with more certainty.

Stride forth in life with that confidence -
and get your Saturday Night Fever strut back.

Together we will use the ancient wisdom of yoga,
with my new spin for the modern midlife woman.
This is deep work - it's ongoing.
Are you ready to dive into your outer body and inner landscape?

What's the mind-body connection anyway -
this short video shows you what it can look like

How the Mentorship works

To get you striding forward, we're going to be doing deep work together, inside and out - using techniques that excite you to possibilities but might also have you face difficult things. My role is:
🐝 to curate the techniques so you have only ones which serve you to reach your energized and fulfilling midlife
🐝 to provide guidance and a safe container so you feel comfortable enough to do the work and get what you need

The Approach

  • Our time and the yoga tools are specifically focussed on your particular needs and goals. I pull from my deep Hatha and Kundalini yoga teacher trainings as well as my wide knowledge of the centuries of yoga wisdom to ensure that you are using only the techniques most likely to help you find breakthroughs.
  • Everything is crafted with only you in mind: asana, meditation, pranayama, mantras, affirmations, visualization. We'll use them all to bring together only the right techniques for you.
  • I am there, each step of the way, with unlimited personal contact to support and guide you as you use yoga's physical and mindset work to make these changes.

The Technical Flow

We will meet once a week for an hour via zoom
and you will have unlimited contact via slack.

First Month: An initial chat to get us situated. Then a set weekly zoom meeting to identify sticking points, begin to uncover clarity about how you want your midlife to look - so I can put together a toolkit of specific yoga techniques to help you get unstuck. We'll keep in contact over slack as much as you want.

Second Month: This month's focus is working with the yoga techniques - really doing the work so the shifts begin to happen. This is exciting yet deep work, setting you on your fulfilling midlife path. We will still meet weekly - at a time of your choosing, so we can schedule get-togethers when you need support. There's help over slack too, of course.

Third Month: This is consolidation time - taking stock and finding your midlife stride! This month's structure is the same - a weekly meeting that you will schedule for when you feel it will be helpful and unlimited slack chat.

I'm in for the three month mentorship $2,000
Payment plan available - click on the button above.

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