What if you could feel lit up and fulfilled in midlife in just 3 months through the power of yoga? What if you could feel lit up and fulfilled in midlife in just 3 months through the power of yoga?

What if you could feel lit up and fulfilled in midlife
in just 3 months through the power of yoga?

Midlife Revitalized

What if you could…

❣️ Know yourself outside of your labels
You see yourself as mother/wife/daughter - it’s about time you tapped into your essence.

❣️ Realign your relationship to the people in your life - kids/spouse/aging parents - and yourself
so you have room to pursue your own desires yet find it even improves these relationships.

❣️ Have the clarity and confidence to expand into your midlife purpose
and do the things you’ve been itching to do for years.

❣️ Feel desirable and sexy again
because you're not just at home in your body - you inhabit it.

❣️ Not only nurture others
but also use your wisdom and value to live your values - every day.

Isn’t it time
for you to get to know your evolving self
and revel in her?

Imagine if you greeted each day with a feeling of calm certainty and equanimity about the day ahead.

It's winter and the enveloping darkness helps you feel grounded as you step onto the mat. You're half awake, hips move onto your heels, your head touches the mat and you take deep, nourishing breaths in child's pose. Your whole world is your ribs expanding and falling with your breath. The rest is stillness, the day is undisturbed.

After a while, you begin to move. There is fluidity and strength in these poses. You stretch into your body glove, and smile at how you and your dog mirror each other, fully expanding into your body. You and your body are moving as an integrated whole, chatting together, waking up together - getting into the rhythm of the day with steadiness and ease.

You finish your physical practice with an opening supine twist. It crosses your mind that you should skip savasana. Time is marching on. Nevertheless you stretch out to lie flat on your back. You will take two minutes to lie here letting everything settle, absorb into quiet certainty.

When you next open your eyes, you see the sun starting to create familiar shapes around the room. You feel powerful and content, knowing you will find this time the next day and the next - that you will carry this moment into your day, your life.

First Month : An initial chat gets us situated. Then set weekly zooms to identify sticking points and uncover clarity about how you want your midlife to look - so I can put together a toolkit of specific yoga techniques to help you get unstuck. We'll keep in contact over slack as much as you want.

Second Month : This month's focus is working with the yoga techniques - really committing to the work so the shifts will happen. It is exciting yet deep work, setting you on your fulfilling midlife path. We will still meet weekly - at a time of your choosing, so we can schedule get-togethers when you need support. There's help over slack too, of course.

Third Month : It's consolidation time - hurrah! We'll be taking stock as you gain confidence in your midlife purpose! This month's structure is the same - a weekly meeting that you will schedule for when you feel it will be helpful and unlimited slack chat.

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