Yoga With Antonia

Find an atmosphere of playful curiosity
that opens mind-body connections and awareness.
All are welcome to explore and tune into the hum of their mind and body.

Step into an atmosphere and energy
conducive to exploring and enjoying yoga.

Enjoy a slow style with clear cueing
that opens mind-body connections and awareness.

‘Become one with the pose’ and feel
both the stillness and the movement within each asana.

My 200 Hour Yoga Teaching Training was with Faith Hunter at Embrace Yoga¬†in Washington, DC. Everyone is truly embraced, and students and instructors are a real mix. People of differing ages, different shapes and sizes, different backgrounds, different ethnicities, different countries are all doing yoga together. To me, this is the way yoga should be. So often it’s intimidating to walk into a studio or a gym. You wonder – will everyone be young and fit? Will I be good enough?

Faith truly encouraged us to find our voice during yoga teacher training. And as I was turning 50, I found mine in change and the chapters in life. Our lives have seasons, an ebb and flow, and yoga  should change with this.

My yoga teacher training group at Embrace