Challenge to Ignite Your Marriage

FREE 3 Day Challenge to Create Deeper Connection, Passion & Intimacy In Your Marriage 
4th – 6th April
Noon Eastern 5pm UK

Get a taste of how we can use Kundalini yoga together to bring about this deeper and more profound intimacy to your midlife marriage with my FREE Challenge

Does this morning interaction with your other half sound familiar?

You slip by your husband, calling back over your shoulder as you run out the door. ‘Don’t forget to pick up the car. It’s ready. Oh and we need more milk’.

This is what it’s come to.

You’re like roommates, co-ordinating all the mundane things. It’s a relay race, where you’re quickly handing over the baton before heading off in opposite directions.

Where has the fun warmth & intimacy gone? 

You’re more like roommates than lovers
You’re spending less & less time together
There’s not much sex & it feels routine 
Everything your spouse does gets under your skin

You miss the warmth and connection but don’t know how to get it back

Intellectually you know there’s a better way.

Yet no matter how you try and create that warm, loving connection you long to have again it feels like you’re irretrievably stuck in a rut and your marriage will never change.

You’ve tapped into loads of tips and tricks for communicating that you got from shelf help books and counseling. Yet they all go out the window when breakfast ends up on the outfit you’re wearing for that important meeting. Your husband forgot to pick up milk – again – so you can’t have a morning cuppa and for some inexplicable reason, you’ve misplaced your sense of humor.

How do you find the passion with porridge on your blouse and no tea?

It was only when Kundalini yoga created
more depth of intimacy in my marriage than ever before that I realized:

We’re taught to view things analytically, using our mind.
Yet marriage is about feelings
and feelings start in the body.

You can tap back into that heartfelt love.
You can tune into the gut knowledge you had that he’s the one.

In Kundalini Yoga, different parts of your body contribute different attributes together to create a harmonious whole

Head: analytical and rational, binary – yes/no & good/bad
Heart: hope, courage, will
Gut: connection & nurturing

The key is bringing these three into alignment
Your body is your home. 
It’s where all things start. 
It’s the gateway to finding a deeper,

more profound intimacy with your spouse

Over three days, I’ll guide you to discover the power of Kundalini yoga and how it can help you ignite intimacy and passion in your marriage.

Each day we’ll focus on a different practice to bring you back into harmony.

You’ll go away with a fresh perspective along with a set of simple but powerful tools and practices you can use every day to create a deeper, more profound connection with your spouse.

Day 1
Journey From Head to Heart

Open Your Heart to Joy and Hope: The Power of Mantra

Enjoy a short mantra meditation & practice filling your heart with wonder and hope. Open your eyes to fresh possibilities and consider how you want to receive & how you want to give. Dropping into your heart and connecting with your desires is the first step to rekindling your marriage.

Day 2
Journey from Heart To Gut

Instill Warmth & Connection: The Magic of Breathwork

Discover the magic of pranayama breathing techniques. Learn to disconnect from your mind & make space for a warm & loving life force to flow.  As my teacher Guru Singh says ‘what you breathe in, you believe in’.

Day 3
Journey to Balanced Harmony

Discover the Hidden Depths of Asana: Become Magnetic

Unlock deeper insight & perspective bringing your heart, head and gut into harmony using asana practice. Understand how to navigate this season in your life with grace and wisdom. Become the centered, strong and desirable woman your husband can’t resist.

As you move through this challenge you’ll discover how moving rebalancing your body will give you new and fresh ideas to help you connect better.

In the weeks that follow, you will witness over and over how unlocking the ancient wisdom of yoga brings the heartbeat of increased intimacy and passion with your spouse.

It’s the opening up of the path to a wholehearted and wholly passionate embrace with your husband that has you walking through this midlife chapter with a newfound adoration and joy for the connection the two of you have and where you’re taking it into the future.

How Kundalini Changed My Life

I’d been dabbling in Kundalini yoga for a while when I went to London in August 2019 for a bonkers two weeks clearing out mum’s flat (she’d moved into a care home). I was finishing up doing the same Kriya – the same Kundalini practice – for 40 days. Each day you do it, it helps move energy in your body and create shifts and balances. I credit that hour on the mat each day with helping me flow through this difficult task with ease.

At that point, I’d been doing hatha / vinyasa yoga for a number of years, taken teacher training and was teaching yoga. I’d been amazed by its holistic effect – how yoga is an act of living every day. My experience in London showed me how much deeper – and higher – kundalini yoga goes. I did Kundalini teacher training and it’s radically changed my relationships – particularly with my husband.