Get Your Saturday Night Fever Strut Back

Get Your Saturday Night Fever Strut Back

When I was in my mid forties, I said to myself – Antonia, you need to move more to keep your body ticking over and feeling confident in your body.

The things I first tried were very much in the wheelhouse of what we do in the US – strive, push yourself, excel – go past your edge.

Into my teens, I did competitive gymnastics – nothing too high falutin, but I got used to practicing, practicing, practicing until I nailed a routine – and then fell down and got back up on the balance beam. The beam was my best and favorite apparatus.

This was my experience, what I was used to in movement – so thirty years later I sought out a similar experience without giving it a thought. Isn’t that what we tend to do – go with what we know? Yet midlife is a new song in the musical of our lives and we can’t use the same tunes. I wasn’t in tune with the movement.

My body and I were no longer intuitively in sync. We didn’t have that easy, unthinking understanding. There we miscommunications – umbrage was taken. I got the feeling my body wanted to stalk off in disgust. I was not on good terms with my body, and I couldn’t get my head around it.

Then I found yoga, little knowing how it was going to change all aspects of my life.

As I held my first downward facing dog, as I lifted into a high crescent lunge, as I held these poses and connected to my breath – I felt a deep release, a sense of calm and an opening up of space with profound receptivity. I surrendered to the feeling.

This is the amazing part about yoga. Instead of pounding away, you gain the expansiveness of the slow hatha that I enjoy and teach. You hold poses for a while, enabling you to gain strength in your body. You move, yes – but it’s not fast and furious, it’s slower and intentional. You feel the power of your breath and feel at home in your body – perhaps for the first time.

Before you know it – this translates into your body feeling strong and you feeling confident in your body.
The two of you are speaking the same language and are working as a team. Your mind comes back into a feeling of balance and harmony because as you connect to your body, ​
​you begin to understand who you are, those conversations with your body start to give you the confidence to feel your truth.

The next thing you know, you’re striding down the street – holding yourself differently because you feel strong and in tune with your body. You start to like yourself. Perhaps you are even on the verge of a Saturday Night Fever strut.

You’ve got your midlife body mojo.

With yoga, your body doesn’t feel pounded into submission – if feels fueled with strength and confidence. This is the gateway to the full on effect yoga has on your life.


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