Free Resources

Calming and centering meditation

Enjoy a short guided meditation to relieve stress and help you feel peaceful and grounded.

Alternate nostril breathing video

This is my favorite pranayam / breathwork. I can be excitable, and it’s very balancing.

Standing side stretch

Here is your chance to investigate and dive deeply into how your body feels with a simple standing side stretch. Yoga is the mind-body connection.

Video and journal prompts -dissipate the voice in your head that’s holding back

A video to let your hair down about how we’re told we should be – and how that takes you away from your glorious self. Then sit down with some journaling prompts to help you on the road to dissipating the voices, so you can come home to your true self.

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Dissipate the Negative with Yoga

Journaling prompts digging into embarrassment

These journaling prompts might feel upside down: when someone else embarrasses you, that can say more about you and prove a wake up call for your own views and perception. 

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Emotional yoga: why are you embarrassed?

Video on getting all the benefits from Halfway Lift

Half lift can seem like there’s nothing to it – just a quick stop between your forward fold and something else. It takes intention and connection to your body to get the benefit.

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Halfway Lift What Have You Done for Me Lately

Journaling prompts to explore how we are all connected

Yoga teaches us that we are all connected. Dig into how this feels for you – you might tap some interesting things to ponder with this prompts.

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We Are All Connected

Guide to using a strap in supine leg stretches

Yoga tools are amazing to help you feel the pose – straps are thoroughly overlooked and can make a huge difference,  as this guide shows. You don’t have to use anything fancy – I use my dressing gown / robe strap!

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This is the paired with my blog on 
Three Reasons to Use Yoga Straps

Video on building up to Chaturanga

Chaturanga is a difficult and multifaceted pose, yet it’s often introduced in beginner classes. Here are tips on how to build up to your safe and strong chaturanga.

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How to do Chaturanga and keep your shoulders safe

Video on using a block in half moon pose 

Why use a block – oh so many reasons. It’s not cheating, just the opposite.

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3 Reasons to use yoga blocks

Meditation for spring renewal

Feeling the sap rising? We are made to follow the season’s rhythms – enjoy this meditation during spring.

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Walking Meditation Benefits for Spring

Journaling prompt to bring perception and reality into alignment

We all know that your perception can be different from the reality – lets start bringing them together.

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Perception and Reality – adjusting your perception with yoga

Meditation to dive into friendship and what it means to you

There are plenty of roadmaps for how a romantic relationship should look like, but less for friendships. Your sangha – your supportive community – is important. What does friendship look like to you, and how can can you cultivate it.

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Marie Kondo Method – yoga and friendships

Accessing mountain pose – connect and be strong

When was the last time you noticed how you stand. It’s eye opening!

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Functional Movement and our Movement Habits – tune in and focus on feet and standing 

Free tips on how to open up for change

Knowing when to make change is difficult – here are some journaling prompts to help you on your way

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When is it time to make a change?

Journaling prompts and short grounding sequence to help you  move to confidence

Your confidence is there inside you – it just needs help coming out.

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Self Confidence – how we get it how and Yoga Builds it

Two videos about ‘breath and yoga’

Breath is everything – connect to it!

Audio to tap into self care

When you’re cup is overflowing … 

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Dress Your Identity – your style matters

Short yoga sequence for posture

Our lives are sedentary – and we slump over the computer. Time to stretch and open up out chest!

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Posture and Yoga: an upstanding mix!