Dissipate the Negative Voice with Yoga

Dissipate The Negative Voice
With Yoga

What is that little voice in your brain telling you?

What is that little voice in your brain telling you? We all have one – mine has been telling me all my life that I’m too excitable. I’m not just exuberant, I’m Jack Russell Terrier level. It’s difficult to shake that voice though, isn’t it. What is yours? That voice – you are too much / you are too sensitive / you are not good enough is holding us back – dissipate the negative voice with yoga.

My family is ‘let it all hang out’ and I was lucky to be encouraged by my parents to become my own person – with my own identity.  Over the years I’ve learnt to channel that boing boing, what’s our next adventure energy and use it better. But my parents never tried to dampen my very strong enthusiasm. They helped me to dig into that and to understand that it wasn’t the only way to be but was a wonderful way to be. They certainly never told me I was ‘too much’ or ‘overwhelming’.

I think I was very lucky that I wasn’t given the message that my level of excitability was bad – but that it was something to harness. Yet I still have that voice in my head wondering if I’m too strong a taste.

Dissipate the negative voice with yoga

Yoga has given me the ability to be more grounded. Recently I’ve been doing Brett Larkin’s 40 Day Kriya. That hour a day is shifting so many things.  It’s also helping me remain composed through the little curve balls life throws us – when I might normally have growled and whined a little .

Step into yourself, step into the magic

Yoga helps us be more ourselves – and be more self-assured as ourselves.

Stepping into who we are, living that sense of self, gives us a great confidence in how we move forward in life. When we have that authenticity within ourselves, when the little voice dissipates, the magic happens – and yoga takes us there.

Oh and we did have a Jack Russell when I was a kid – the two of us manically ran about the woods and took bike rides together.

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