Halfway Lift What Have You Done for Me Lately

I spent the longest time breezing though Halfway Lift – Ardha Uttanasana. Surely this pose was simply a way to get us up from forward fold without getting dizzy? It just didn’t seem to do very much.¬†How we all yearn to feel like we’ve progressed and are accomplished it’s only natural. How can we feel […]

How to do Chaturanga and keep your shoulders safe

What should a good Chaturanga look like?   Are you ready for your next Sun Salutation or transitioning in your sequence via a ‘vinyasa’? Many yoga classes have a lot of these! There’s a lot be said for the rhythm of these parts of yoga and the heat that creates but I have my concerns […]

3 Reasons to use yoga blocks

Why don’t we use blocks? It’s obviously unmanly or unwomanly to reach for a block because our thrusting society we shouldn’t need the ‘crutch’ of a yoga block. We should rapidly be moving through variations. Believe me, I’ve had those moments – we all want to feel like we’re rocking our practice. In our minds, […]