For Valentine’s Day, I dipped into chocolate-covered childhood memories and made a lily for my husband.

Mum and I spent endless childhood summer weeks staying in my grandparent’s small, cozy flat in London. I always looked forward to spending time there, particularly with my grandfather. The flat was different from our home on the north shore of Long Island and I was a kid who lapped up and enjoyed diverse environments. […]

Support Isn’t Weak – it helps you have confidence in yourself

Reconnecting to your Community How have you been poking your head out into the world? I’ve been a bit wary, stepping out a toe here and there before taking the plunge. Apparently I’ve always been this way, My father told me of a chat he had with my kindergarten teacher, who told him I would […]

When was the last time you felt good about your body?

When was the last time you felt good about your body? Become friends with your body. We’re very negative about your bodies, aren’t we – always finding fault. We don’t like this and we don’t like that. We’re too something and not enough something else. We say things to ourselves like, “just look at that […]

An old printing press gave me a frisson of history – how does that relate to yoga?

Something you might not know about me is that I spent decades as a Historian. I researched, digging into the past, putting puzzle pieces together to create a picture of what happened way back then. Sometimes the pieces were murky and sometimes there were holes in the puzzle but I loved creating a coherent picture. I’ve always been […]

Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training: 40 Day Kriya

I’m on day 34 of my latest 40 Day Kriya. It’s a profound and challenging practice, not just physically – each day feels different and emotions well up and sometimes even roil. This is the third 40 Day Kriya I’ve done – the difference is, it’s part of my Kundalini yoga teacher training. I am […]