3 Reasons to use yoga blocks

Why don’t we use blocks? It’s obviously unmanly or unwomanly to reach for a block because our thrusting society we shouldn’t need the ‘crutch’ of a yoga block. We should rapidly be moving through variations. Believe me, I’ve had those moments – we all want to feel like we’re rocking our practice. In our minds, […]

Perception and Reality – adjusting your perception with yoga

What’s your reality? Have you been surprised by how you remember an event differs from someone else’s take? Sometimes when reading old lettersI see that my memory and what I’ve written in the letter don’t match! My memory at the time and my memory years later can differ – how extraordinary. Our perspective changes with […]

Marie Kondo Method – friendships and yoga

Tending and ending friendships Have you noticed that friendships change over the years? We talk a lot about how to tend or how to end a romantic relationship – but not so much about friendships. Perhaps it’s because I’m an only child, but my friendships are very important to me. I nurture them and they […]

Functional Movement and our movement habits – tune in and focus on feet and standing

Lets talk about turning movement on its head. Now we’re not going upside down – we’re going to think about yoga and movement differently. How you create movement habits? We all have habits in how we move. They affect our overall function. I’ve always thought I have tight hips – you should see my Pigeon […]

Comfort With Uncertainty – Yet Keep Your Agency

Recently I’ve been hugely enjoying reading some young adult fiction. I’ve noticed that a universal theme is control. After all, children have very little control over their lives. But do adults have more control? Should we give up the illusion of control? Can we navigate so that we plan yet remain flexible. How do we […]

Dress Your Identity – your style matters

  Dress Your Identity – Why should you care? Once upon a time BBC radio newsreaders had to wear dinner jackets – tuxedos – when reading the news after 8pm. This is radio so no-one could see them. The mind boggles! While I’m not suggesting wandering about in your tiara or dinner jacket, this Beeb requirement […]

The power of being present – when I started my yoga practice

I’m one of those people who was athletic as a teenager but then came to a roaring halt once I was out of school. I still walked a lot – but I didn’t do any regular exercise or play on any teams. Twenty years later, I woke up and realized that if I wanted to […]