Find certainty in yourself, even when there isn’t certainty in the world

  If you’re coming out of lockdown feeling stressed figuring out a whole new way of engaging with the outside world, yoga can give you conviction as you step into the new normal. Yoga to Step Into the New Normal – $97 for a $232 value? We’ll have a private session together to give you […]

Yoga Gives Us Clarity Over Who We Are in Our Midlife Chapter

  As we enter midlife, it often feels like there’s endings without beginnings. It’s a time where there is so much change – change for the bad. Yet why are we buying into that! Midlife can and should be a wonderful time. Time to dig into this assumption. Yoga helped me make this journey – […]

Confidence Navigating a Situation – Confidence in Yourself

  When you are supported stepping out of your comfort zone, it has the most amazing knock on effects. It goes so far beyond, helping you assess situations with confidence.   Yoga helps you get the space and the quiet to separate out what the voices in your brain are saying. You can figure out […]

The Importance of Support in Getting Out of Your Comfort Zone

  Do you hesitate to take on new challenges because you’re absolutely convinced you’ll flat on your face? It’s always difficult to step out of your comfort zone and because of that you need support. Did you get that support when you were a child? Were You Thrown in at the Deep End – without […]

Self Confidence – how we get it and how Yoga builds it

click heretake me straight to the journaling prompts  pdf Being Set Up For Success   My parents felt it paramount that they raise me to feel like I can always take care of myself. People tend to say I give off an aura of competence and that’s something I believe everyone can and should develop.  […]

Marie Kondo Method – yoga and friendships

Tending and Ending Friendships Have you noticed that friendships evolve over the years? We talk a lot about how to tend or how to end a romantic relationship – but not so much about friendships. Perhaps it’s because I’m an only child, but my friendships are very important to me. I nurture them and they […]