Meet Antonia


`Yoga and New Chapters

New chapters seem to abound in life, and my yoga journey started as I was approaching midlife.  In fact, I was finishing up my yoga teacher training in 2017 when I turned Fifty.

Don’t you wish you could approach change with equanimity? Yoga is doing this for me – a new way to approach this change.  It helps me tune into what is important in life and be more open to change. I find I approach life with more openness and curiosity and less fear, less wish to control. This is especially true as I provide care for my mother, who is in her Nineties! I am more able to roll with things and enjoy her company.

I can be excitable. I can feel an emotion igniting within me, and sometimes it can be hard to contain. Yoga helps keep me grounded and centered so that I can react in a more considered way.

I am coming more from a place of considered action than reaction. When I can do that – it makes all the difference.

Yoga on and off the mat – steadiness and ease.

Yoga also gives me a way to keep my body humming and feeling strong. I originally came to yoga for its physical benefits. I had been very active into my teens but then it dropped off. I walked a lot, but that was it. In my mid-forties, I came to realize that if I wanted to keep moving, I needed to keep using my body and help it stay fit and energized. That is why I first came to yoga.

Yoga is giving me tools to navigate change – this large ones as well as other daily small ones. As I practice yoga, as I see what my body is telling me today, as I explore each pose, I find how yoga helps my daily life. It is an unanticipated consequence, deepening my connection to my body.

And I am enjoying seeing
where the mind and body working together is taking me.

Trainings and Certifications

200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training – Hatha Yoga  with Faith Hunter

200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training – Kundalini Yoga  with Brett Larkin and Guru Singh

40 Hour Training – The Science of the Private Lesson with Francesca Cervero