3 Reasons to use yoga blocks

3 Reasons to use yoga blocks

Why don’t we use blocks?

It’s obviously unmanly or unwomanly to reach for a block because our thrusting society we shouldn’t need the ‘crutch’ of a yoga block. We should rapidly be moving through variations. Believe me, I’ve had those moments – we all want to feel like we’re rocking our practice. In our minds, a block can make the pose seem less then. 

I’ve really come to understand that a block is part of what can help us all rock our yoga practice. Blocks are there because we all have different bodies and wherever we are in the pose, we should be able to explore and play with the pose not feel like we’re in a battle to finish. Lets explore 3 reasons to use yoga blocks!

Use a block to feel a pose differently

A block can change how a pose feels – like using a block in low lunge. It depends what we’re after in this pose. Blocks under the hands give more space, emphasizing an open chest and a backbend. How wonderful to shift the focus of a pose!

Low lunge, yoga,

low lunge, yoga, yoga block

Use a block for support when you’re between variations

Hip flexibility come into play with Lizard Pose. With the help of a block, we can enjoy engaging our body more – especially hips.

Listen to your body for guidance – some days you’ll want to push, sometimes back up a little. A block can help you when you want to engage with the next variation.


yoga, yoga block, lizard pose 

Use a block to feel good in the pose

I’m not one of those super-flexible yoga practitioners. I reach for a block to feel good in a pose.

A block helps us all be open or stable. But there’s something about that aha moment: this is a good way to feel the pose, A block can help you understand different aspects of the pose. You know it does when get that recognition in your body.

This is true of many poses – I’ve made a video to illustrate how a block in Half Moon Pose helps give more openness. Snag it now! 

There are definitely more than 3 reasons to use yoga blocks – let me know how you use yours.

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