Video & Meditation

Here are some meditations and some videos to get your juices flowing.


Meditation and yoga are the best of friends – one might even say they’re family. I meditate because it helps keep me on an even keel and gives me insights – insights that are sometimes startling!

Many people are wary of meditation, saying ‘I can’t stay focussed’. Your mind will inevitably wander, guided meditations are great to help you bring your mind back.

Give it a whirl with these short meditations.

Playing with form video

I enjoy exploring ‘what is this posture about’ – it’s form and how to align. It can lead to an aha moment – or can show us that our body is built to modify the structure. If we are moving through a pose quickly, how can we receive and absorb this information from our body?

This short video spends some time with Crescent Lunge – it’ll feel new if you explore different aspects of its alignment

Props are your friend

Props give your the ability to deepen your pose and fully experience it.

In this short video, I demonstrate how using a block helps me open out more in  my Half Moon.