Comfort with Fluidity

Comfort With Fluidity

I love a plan – a goal. We’re taught that this is the right way to approach life. When there’s only so much planning you can do or when you find you can’t control outcomes it leaves you with many negatives feelings: rudderless, unsuccessful, frightened. That sort of focus can also lead to tunnel vision, so you aren’t open to opportunities. Recently I was in London clearing out mum’s flat after she moved into a care home – I did this in two weeks. Unlike the US, Estate Sales aren’t a thing in UK and often in London charities won’t collect.  I had to have comfort with fluidity.

Everyone thought I was bonkers – even I thought I was bonkers. 

On the one hand, this huge task was overwhelming – the property managers need to do their refurb before we let the flat. On the other hand, I couldn’t wait to get back over. It was four years since I’d been to the UK. That’s the longest I’ve even been away – but looking after mum, I couldn’t leave her for more than a few days. 

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To remain flexible

Clearing the flat contained so many moving parts and imponderables that having a plan was well nigh impossible. I was incredibly fortunate to get excellent help along the way – both before I arrived and during my trip. 

Let your mind go to an extremely cluttered flat with bursting closets and an overwhelming amount of furniture to understand the extent of this task.  I could only have the barest sketch of a plan and each day I had to step forward with trust and confidence that things would work out.

Several weeks before I headed to London, I began Brett Larkin’s 40 Day Kriya. I surrendered myself to the discipline. You do the same practice every day and if you miss a day, you have to start from the beginning again. The idea is that this builds energy to break negative habits that stop you from expanding and stepping into something new. 

What I really noticed is that I was able to go with the flow.
I trusted that it would all work out. 

Yoga gives the quiet and the space to have comfort with Fluidity 

The main thing that yoga gives me is the space and the quiet to face what the day brings with equanimity. So often we’re running, and in the midst of a cacophony of noise. Our life is a whirl. The quiet can be difficult – but it’s important.

When I was in London, I didn’t get too stressed at the twists and turns of getting the flat cleared.  I didn’t, as it were, ‘borrow trouble’. I still kept my sense of proportion. I hoped that the furniture I put on freecycle would be taken – although I was prepared still to have clearance / to haul away.  At the same time, I knew that no matter how hard I worked, there would still be things for Clearance to take.

I just kept plowing away. I talked to people, kept myself open to ideas and rolled with whatever came my way.  All the time I had faith it would all get done. I made sure I did my yoga!

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