Private Yoga

Come to my building’s sweet studio space or my building’s gorgeous roof, at your convenience, and have a different experience from a group class. I adore creating long term relationships that really enhance your own yoga practice and what it needs to develop while at the same time fostering an atmosphere that is supportive, warm and encouraging – and encourages you to explore.

We can do this because I can tailor your practice to you┬áso that you get most advantageous movement pattern for your body’s balance and well-being. We can do this on your schedule. Your private lesson gives you one-on-one time to answer your questions and concerns, making sure we explore poses you are excited about. Our private lesson will be about what you need that particular day, and each practice will build step by step to help you grow and move ahead.

I have availability during the day as well as mornings and evenings.

Chair Yoga

We are getting the message and letting our recliners gather dust. As we age, it is imperative to keep moving to stay mobile and healthy. Sometimes that needs to be adapted to how our anatomy changes over time. Chair yoga is great exercise that gives a well rounded practice with the specific needs of elderly people in mind. I love working with seniors and seeing them enjoy their strength, range of motion and balance – and I love watching their bodies open and gain more spaciousness. All the while, having a giggle and creating a relaxing – and relaxed – atmosphere.