Meet Antonia

New chapters seem to abound in life, and my yoga journey started as I was approaching midlife.  In fact, I was finishing up my yoga teacher training in 2017 when I turned Fifty.

Yoga has given me a new way to approach this change.  It helps me tune into what is important in life and be more open to change. I find I approach life with more openness and curiosity and less fear, less wish to control. This is especially true as I provide care for my mother, who is in her Nineties! I am more able to roll with things  end enjoy her company. Yoga also helps me keep some equanimity as move through this phase of her life.

It doesn’t happen all the time, but I am coming more from a place of considered action than reaction. When I can do that – it makes all the difference.

I can be excitable. I can feel an emotion igniting within me, and sometimes it can be hard to contain. Yoga helps keep me grounded and centered so that I can react in a more considered way.

On top of all that, Yoga is giving me a way to keep my body humming and feeling strong. I originally came to yoga for its physical benefits. I had been very active into my teens but then it dropped off. I walked a lot, but that was it. In my mid forties, I came to realize that if I wanted to keep moving, I needed to keep using my body and help it stay fit and energized. That is why I first came to yoga.

Yet yoga is giving me more. Yoga is giving me tools to navigate change – this large one as well as other daily small ones. As I practice yoga, as I see what my body is telling me today, as I explore each pose, I find how yoga helps my daily life. It is an unanticipated consequence, deepening my connection to my body.

And I am enjoying seeing
where the mind and body working together is taking me.